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Together we can: EU funds will empower young people

A cross-cultural project to address sexual bullying in Europe
Together we can: EU funds will empower young people
Peer-to-peer education programme to tackle a social problem

ASBAE Project (Addressing Sexual Bullying Across Europe) aims to empower young people aged 13-18 to recognise and address sexual bullying. Led by Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, the two-year project brings together expertise from NGOs in Italy, Slovenia, the UK, Bulgaria and Latvia.

Throughout Europe, sexual bullying, i.e. bullying that has a sexual dimension or dynamic, or is based on a person’s gender or sexuality, is increasingly prevalent and can lead to ill health, school absence and at times suicide. Calling someone names because they have or haven’t had sex, sharing sexy photos without the person’s permission, spreading rumours about someone’s sexuality - these are only a few examples of sexual bullying.

The project begins with focus group discussions with young people in the five partner countries followed by a development of a peer-led workshop. The workshop will focus on raising awareness and empowering young people to recognise and prevent sexual bullying, and will be piloted with 120 young people across the five countries. The peer-led empowerment will continue after the project as the trained group cascade their knowledge, skills and experience to the next group of young people and adults, promoting change at a pan-European level.