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Training course Peace with me in Romania!

Our partners in Romania invites youth workers to apply to a training course on violence and conflict prevention in youth work! 

When and where: 09-17 October, Oradea, Romania

Peace with me is a 7-day training course which aims to support a network of youth workers that promote a preventive approach on conflicts and violence among their beneficiaries. We see this project as a follow-up initiative which creates added value for the participants in terms of a deeper understanding of violence and a strengthened international cooperation in this field.

The methodology prepared involves three dimensions of the learning process: acquiring knowledge, practical experience and reflective evaluation. Encouraging a systemic thinking, the process will propose three perspectives of understanding violence: visualizing its complexity, verbalizing and expressing its complexity, and exploring the reality of the topic in many aspects. Expect to have an intense working week with a wide range of methods, from research-based tasks to fully artistic sessions, guided in a safe learning space. We will mix text reading, meditation, contact making improvisation, body expressivity and communication, analysis, reflection, theatre, emotional introspection, trust making and trust challenges, and many other. Be ready to share, give and reflect on the experience every day, 24/7.

About the inviting organization:

IPTA (Projects and Ideas for Active Youth) is a non-governmental organization with seven years of experience in working with Romanian youth using both formal and non-formal tools and methods. Our activity is focused on designing and delivery of educational programs and is conducted at both local and international level, for a large variety of youngsters. The topics that we address most frequent are preventive education against addictions, violence and unhealthy relationships among youngsters, with an emphasize on social inclusion and community development.

Please find Peace with me - Infopack with more information on course and the program. 

Apply by writing to madara.kanasta@marta.lv (send us info on your occupation and why are you interested in the training)

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