2022. gada 1. augusts

Final meeting of ID-Pro, the EU funded project that establishes protocols to avoid discriminatory situations in international mobility

The ID-Pro partnership has met in a final meeting in Zaragoza hosted by Mundus, the coordinator, to share the results and ensure the future and sustainability of the project.

On July 19th and 20th, the ID-Pro partners held the final meeting of the project in Zaragoza (Spain) and Mundus, the coordinating entity, was the host of the event. The purpose of the meeting was to share the final results of the project, reflect on the entire collaboration process and agree on future activities that ensure the sustainability of the project. The partnership is formed by Mundus (Spain), LEAP Sports (Scotland), CESIE (Italy) and Marta Center (Latvia).

The main objective of the ID-Pro project was to facilitate the work of educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff who work on mobility projects, both within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program and other international mobility programs. ID-Pro has established protocols to prevent and deal with situations of bullying and violence that young people in European mobilities may suffer. Bullying has terrible consequences for the children and young people who suffer it. Although much remains to be done in all fields of education, in the area of mobility projects there was practically no work done to address situations of discrimination and bullying.

The main result of the project is a guide to make mobilities more inclusive that can be downloaded here. Likewise, a guide for inclusive communication has also been created that aims to serve as a manual on how to communicate in a more inclusive way when planning and executing mobilities, educational activities and work with young people. This document can also be downloaded here.

Establishing effective protocols also promotes quality in working with young people. Young people deserve spaces where in the event of any incident (bullying, violence or discrimination), the staff in charge of the project can act in an effective and efficient manner that restores a suitable environment for learning and personal growth and where all the people involved in the incident receive the necessary support and advice to resolve it positively or, at least, with the least negative impact. 

Quality in youth work is not only to act effectively when things happen, but also to have prevention and education measures to prevent them from happening. That is why this project has established protocols for prevention, action and mediation or reconciliation that are flexible enough to be adapted to the different realities of youth mobility projects.
Find more about the project here: https://asociacionmundus.com/strategic-partnerships_2413/mundus-projects/id-pro_3466/
Article posted by Madara Mazjāne
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