Workshops with Youth “About Gender Equality”

Workshops in 5 secondary schools in Jelgava municipality (Šķibe, Platone, Vircava, Aizupe, Nākotne) involved 130 young people (66 boys and 64 girls aged 13 to 18).

During the workshops, various non-formal education methods (discussions, group work, self-reflection tasks, stories and role plays etc.) were used that interactively and in a binding way helped to understand and encourage the talk about the traditional gender stereotypes prevailing in society and their impact on our intercourse, decisions and behavior. Young people, using critical analysis of different situations, formed awareness of all types of violence - its causes and consequences; with aim to build healthy relationships based on equality, mutual support and respect.

“I believe that this is a very topical issue today and I appreciate it very high that there are people who target this topic and talk with young people about it...”

A., 15 years old

Young people improved their knowledge - where to turn for help in the various frustrating situations that they encountered themselves or which they have recognized among their friends, schoolmates, or family members.

“This lecture made me feel free and open. And gave good advice in life.

K., 16 years old


Using pre- and post- evaluation questionnaires, positive changes (the ability to recognize and distinguish between unhealthy and healthy relationships, knowledge-where to seek help in case of violent relationships, knowledge-how to help friends when in unhealthy relationships) were presented in 82 cases (out of 130)

In general, every third young person acknowledges the relationships between their peers as violent. However, when speaking with young people, there is a tendency that only those relationships or interactions which involves unambiguous sexual or physical harassment or abuse are considered to be violent. These data point to the need for this type of conversation with young people, so that the prevention of young peoples involvement into violent relationships can be prevented.

“I am glad that someone comes to talk about these topics that are needed for young people and adolescents to avoid getting into unhealthy situations. I would like to talk more.”

Z., 14 years old

“I really liked this lesson, it was instructive and at the same time exciting because it was possible to "move" and we all were involved!”

L., 13 years old

 “These topics must be spoken in schools, must be spoken indispensably! That is what we need! Thank you!”

U., 16 years old

Workshops were realized in the project "Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Measures in Jelgava Region", Contract Nr.