Project is created to train and empower youth workers by providing them with innovative methods of working with young people who are victims of gender-based violence.

Acording to European Institute for Gender Equality: Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply rooted in gender inequality, and continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations within all societies. Gender-based violence is violence directed against a person because of their gender. Both women and men experience gender-based violence but the majority of victims are women and girls.

We believe that victims of violence
must be constantly supported and assisted, provided with a safe environment, understood, and heard. In order to achieve this, the project focuses on:

  • connecting and uniting organizations that work in the field, equipping them with new tools and providing them with new opportunities for learning, working in cooperation;
  • teaching young people what gender-based violence is, ways to make it easier to recognize it and take action to prevent it;
  • empowering young people to be active members of supportive communities, as well as agents - warriors - for positive change and the fight against violence; 
  • promoting open communication, community support, empathy, and engagement in youth work.

Within the project will be created and developed an online platform that will provide young people and youth organizations not only with a place to communicate but also with a space where they can be encouraged to share and express their opinions and experiences, as well as to help other people who are victims of gender-based violence. Active participation in such online space is expected to boost active citizenship and civic engagement as additional means of achieving concrete results in the fight against violence.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To increase the capacity, skills, knowledge, reach, and motivation for youth work in the partner organizations;
  • To increase the quality of services and practices among organizations, working in the field of combating gender-based violence, especially with young people;
  • To help identify gender-based violence among victims and perpetrators;
  • To build a sustainable community of individuals and organizations dealing with gender-based violence in the EU;
  • To expand the impact of existing practices to combat gender-based violence by raising awareness, exchanging good practices, and cooperating with different actors in the field;

The project partnership is highly motivated to contribute to the fight against this type of violence and to give voice and opportunity to victims to make them feel supported, understood, and safe!

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Project partners: Centrs MARTA (Latvia), Asociación Colectivo MosaiQ (Spain). The Future Now Association (Bulgaria)

Coordinator: Moteru Informacijos Centras Asociacija MIC (Lithuania)

Project duration: 1.01.2022.-31.10.2023.
The project is funded by the Erasmus + program (KA220: Strategic Partnerships in Youth)