Services available
at MARTA Centre
If you would like help or advice on available services at MARTA, please contact us in Riga – 67378539 or, in Liepaja – 29195442 or

In what situations can the MARTA Center provide help and support?

  • If you are in an abusive relationship or have experienced violence - physical, emotional, sexual, economic, violent control or harassment. Threatening can also be a sign of violence. You can find out more about violence and its types and manifestations - here
  • If you are relationship dependent 
  • If you have been the victim of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, sham marriages or other forms of human trafficking
  • If you are a resident of Riga and your family is in a crisis situation, due to which the child is at risk of falling into out-of-home care or he or she has already been removed from the family by a decision of the responsible institution

If you would like help or advice on available services at MARTA, please contact us:
in Riga – 67378539 or
in Liepaja – 29195442 or
in Rēzekne - 25648595 or 

What services does the MARTA Centre offer

The first consultation takes place with the MARTA social worker. The consultation clarifies the situation, plans security measures if you are in danger, as well as discusses possible types and procedures of assistance.

After the first consultation of the social worker, the help of other specialists is provided, as well as participation in the support group.

  • social worker - listens and provides consultations on possible solutions, helps to set goals and priorities, provides information about the help and support of other specialists, provides psychosocial support;
  • lawyer - hears and advises on temporary protection against violence, divorce, child custody, maintenance and the rights of the victim in criminal proceedings, etc. issues, as well as, if necessary, assists in the preparation of legal documents (applications to the court, applications to other institutions);
  • psychologist - listens to and provides psychological support to reduce anxiety, fear and post-traumatic stress;
  • support group for women victims of violence - discusses how to get out of the role of a victim and regain self-confidence, how not to re-enter a violent relationship, how children feel if there is violence between parents, where and how to look for resources to help themselves. The support group consists of up to 10 members and is led by a group leader.

In addition to specialist consultations, victims of human trafficking can also be provided with other types of assistance - safe shelter, purchase of basic necessities, support of a social rehabilitator, health care-related services, etc.

As part of the crisis intervention service, the help of various specialists is possible to provide assistance to a family in a crisis situation.

What services are available at MARTA Centre?

Social rehabilitation for adult victims of violence

Victims of violence and their relatives can receive 10 consultations of specialists (social worker, psychologist, legal advisor). If necessary, the amount of assistance can be increased by another 10 consultations. Consultations are free of charge for the client. Most of the case management and service administration costs performed within the framework of the service are covered by the MARTA Centre, specialist consultations are paid from the state budget. To receive the service, you must register for a consultation at the MARTA Centre via phone call and write an application. 
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Social rehabilitation for adult victims of human trafficking

The duration of service available to victims of human trafficking is up to 180 days. During this time, it is possible to receive specialists help (social worker, psychologist, legal advisor) and other support according to the needs of the victim (medical assistance, health check, safe shelter, transportation costs, document renewal costs, interpreter services, basic necessities, etc.). If the victim has been recognized as a victim or witness in criminal proceedings, assistance can be received for longer period. Social rehabilitation service for the client is free of charge, costs are covered from the state budget. To receive the service, you must register for a consultation at the MARTA Centre via phone call and write an application. 

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