Project "A Safe Place"

Project title: “A Safe Place”

Duration: 01.09.2021. – 01.10.2022.

Funding: project is supported by Council of the Baltic Sea States

Leading partner: Active Youth Association (Lithuania)

Co-partners: Kompetenta Unga (Sweden), MARTA Centre (Latvia), Active Women’s Association (Poland)

The project "A Safe Place" aims at addressing the widespread phenomenon of domestic violence in the Baltics and, more specifically, to support women who are increasingly victims of violence during the ongoing worldwide pandemic while also educating those who are interested in learning more about the topic and training people working with domestic violence.

The project will investigate how women's safety has changed during the pandemic and provide the target groups with the knowledge, strategies, and methodologies needed to tackle this social issue and efficiently support survivors of violence. Furthermore, the project will represent a safe place for women, a chance to feel free to cultivate their interests and share their feelings. Creating such a safe place for the participants will be key to improve their well-being and develop a wide range of skills that are usually oppressed in violent environments. These activities will also be of inspiration for those working with domestic violence, as they will be able to replicate them in their professional work. These objectives will be achieved through a wide range of activities, including guest speakers' talks, workshops, study visit, free counselling, and meditation sessions.

Project contact person: specialists’ team manager Irina Mazurika,