Trafficking in person is a form of modern slavery in which persons, most often women and girls, are used for labor, sexual exploitation and slavery by force, threat, pressure or fraud. Human trafficking is an international problem involving almost every country in the world.

The main purpose of human trafficking is the exploitation of a person - usually for profit. Exploitation of a person means using a person for various purposes.

The following types of human trafficking are distinguished:

  • prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation;
  • forced labor or services;
  • slavery, domestic service;
  • forced sham marriages;
  • organ removal.

Help available

The duration of the social rehabilitation service is up to 180 days, the course content of the program consists of:

  • psychosocial assistance, including individual consultations of a social worker, psychologist, lawyer, medical practitioner, and other specialists according to the client's needs,
  • safe place and client accommodation,
  • the opportunity to learn or improve the client's self-care or self-service skills,
  • involving the client in training and education programs, if this contributes to the client's reintegration into society and the labor market,
  • five consultations by the service provider for minor family members of victims of human trafficking, if they stay in Latvia,
  • organizing and accompanying a foreign client or potential client and accompanying minor children to the place of service in Latvia, if necessary,
  • and other measures according to the client's individual social rehabilitation plan developed by the service provider's specialists.
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Activities 2022 to end Trafficking in Human Beings
Human trafficking

Activities 2022 to end Trafficking in Human Beings

The escalation of Russia’s war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 has disproportionately affected women and children as the fled the war. They have been through traumatic experiences and are in great fear for their families. Since the beginning of the war, the criminal entities capitalize on the desperate situation of the refugee women...

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