Men’s Forum “Stand Up!” is a MARTA Centre initiative with an aim to advance gender equality in Latvia. Forum was founded in 2016 and since then has been working to reduce gender-based violence and discrimination, promote healthy relationships and raise awareness, understanding and engagement of men and boys in preventing violence against women and children.

Both men and women are invited to participate in Forum’s activities and discuss various questions regarding gender equality and its implementation. In the Forum “Stand Up!” we want to provide a space for discussing the variety of ways how to be masculine and what does it mean. Our aim is to build a creative and inclusive space for wide range of conversations on masculinity and manhood, emotions, health, stereotypes, parenting, lifestyle and cultural differences. Here people from various backgrounds are welcome to meet and discuss their experiences and viewpoints regarding gender equality, stereotypes on masculinity/femininity and violence prevention. 

Forum “Stand Up!“ organizes public discussions on topical questions regarding modern masculinity, and in cooperation with MARTA Centre Youth programs implements boys and girls groups and various workshops and seminars on gender equality and healthy relationships.

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