What specialist help can you get from the MARTA Center in Rezekne?

You can apply for the first consultation on working days from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. by phone +371 25648595 or by writing to rezekne@marta.lv and providing your contact information in the e-mail.

NB! We remind you that in the case of a threat to life or health, you should immediately contact the police by calling 110 and request temporary protection against the perpetrator of violence. In case of crisis, as well as on holidays, we recommend calling the crisis and consultation center "Skalbes" on the 24-hour phone 116123

Social worker of the MARTA Centre will contact you via the phone number or e-mail you provided. The first consultation (about 45 minutes) will take place after prior agreement with you at a mutually convenient time. It will clarify the situation, plan safety measures if you are in danger, as well as the possible ways and procedures of assistance will be discussed. After the first consultation given by a social worker in case of necessity the help of other specialists will be provided. Psychologist and lawyer consultations take place by mutual agreement of the client and specialists, but not on holidays and public holidays.

Consultations of a social worker, lawyer and psychologist are available both in person and remotely via video call.

SOCIAL WORKER – provides consultations on workable solutions to social problems, provides support, information and, if necessary, involves other specialists in solving problems.

LAWYER – provides consultations on temporary protection against violence, divorce, child custody issues, alimony, and the rights of the victim in criminal proceedings, and other questions, as well as, if necessary, helps prepare legal documents (applications to the court, applications to other institutions).

PSYCHOLOGIST – provides psychological support to reduce anxiety, fear, and other psychological problems.

Social rehabilitation of adult victims of violence 

Victims of violence and their relatives can receive 10 individual consultations from specialists (social worker, psychologist, and lawyer). If necessary, the amount of assistance can be increased by another 10 consultations. Consultations are free for the client. Most of the costs of case management and service administration conducted within the service are covered by the MARTA Centre, specialist consultations are paid for from the state budget. To receive a service, you must sign up for a consultation at the MARTA Centre and write an application. More information HERE (in Latvian)

In cases where a person cannot receive assistance paid by the state (for example, if a person wants to receive a service anonymously, or the amount of assistance paid by the state has been used up, etc.), it is possible to receive consultations from specialists of the MARTA Centre for a fee or co-payment, the cost of consultations can also be covered by funds donated by donors for the MARTA Centre, so it will be possible to agree on the amount of the co-payment in a specific case with a social worker. The co-payment can be made on the spot in cash or by bank transfer after receiving an invoice.

Social rehabilitation of adult victims of human trafficking

The amount of service available to victims of human trafficking is up to 180 days. During this time, it is possible to receive specialist help and other types of support according to a victim's needs (Safe haven, transportation costs, document renewal costs, interpreter services, necessities, etc.). If a victim has been recognized as a crime victim or a witness in a criminal proceeding, then it is possible to receive assistance for longer than 180 days. The social rehabilitation service is free for the client, the costs are covered from the state budget. To receive a service, you must sign up for a consultation at the MARTA Centre and write an application. More information HERE (in Latvian)