Services available
at MARTA Centre
If you would like help or advice on available services at MARTA, please contact us in Riga – 67378539 or, in Liepaja – 29195442 or

In what situations can the MARTA Center provide help and support?

  • If you are in an abusive relationship or have experienced violence - physical, emotional, sexual, economic, violent control or harassment. Threatening can also be a sign of violence. You can find out more about violence and its types and manifestations - here
  • If you have been the victim of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, sham marriages or other forms of human trafficking.

If you would like help or advice on available services at MARTA, please contact us:
in Riga – 67378539 or
in Liepaja – 29195442 or
in Rēzekne - 25648595 or 

What services does the MARTA Centre offer

If you are in an abusive relationship or have ever experienced abuse - physical, emotional, sexual, economical, violent control or persecution - and have contacted us, then the first thing that happens is a call with our operator. The operator listens to you and plans your first consultation with a "MARTA Centre” social worker.  Our social workers provide meetings on working days from 10:00 till 18:00. In the consultation with the social worker you shall work together to identify the situation, plan security measures if you are in a situation of danger, and discuss possible forms of assistance and cooperation. After the first consultation other professional help is provided if it is needed.

  • A SOCIAL WORKER provides consultations about possible social problem solutions related to abuse or domestic violence in a family or partnership, provide support, information and other professional help when necessary.
  • A LAWYER provides legal consultation and advice about temporary protection against violence, divorce, child custody issues, alimony, the rights of the victim in a criminal proceedings and other questions related to ending abusive relationships. A lawyer also helps in preparation of legal documents when necessary (for example, applications to the court, submissions to other authorities).
  • A PSYCHOLOGIST provides psychological support to help with anxiety, fear and other psychological problems caused by the violence suffered.
  • In A SELF-HELP GROUP FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE SUFFERED VIOLENCE/ABUSE questions about the role of leaving an abusive relationship and the role of a victim is discussed. The topics on how to regain self-respect, how not to re-enter an abusive relationship are also talked about. The group provides advice on how and where to find help and resources to help yourself. The self-help group consists of 10 participants and it is managed by the Center “Marta” specialist (a psychologist or a social worker).

Please keep in mind that we do not offer help in family disputes and determination of children's residence, matters of property division, we do not provide clothes, emergency (crisis) center/accommodation service, we do not conduct personality and violent behavior research.

What services do we provide?

1. Rehabilitation of adult victims of violence (in Riga, Liepaja, Rezekne)

The service can be received by adults - both women and men - who have suffered various forms of violence, no matter for how long the violence has taken place (for example, adults who have suffered sexual abuse as a child may also receive help). Relatives of victims can also receive help. Rehabilitation includes up to 23 consultations from specialists (for example, a social worker, lawyer, psychologist). It is possible to receive this service by contacting the center “MARTA” or the social services office in the municipality. Taking under consideration the high demand, help in Riga is mainly provided to victims in high-risk physical and sexual violence. More information about the service can be found here. It is possible to apply for service at the  “MARTA Centre”  by calling +371 67 378 539 (Riga), +371 29 195 442 (Liepaja) or +371 25 648 595 (Rezekne) or by sending an e-mail to,  or

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2. Rehabilitation for adults and underage persons who have been affected by human trafficking (in Riga, Liepaja or Rezekne)

Services can be received by adults who have been put under any form of exploitation (for example, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation; forced labor or services; slavery, domestic service; forced sham marriages; organ removal). The duration of rehabilitation is 180 days. The service is provided anywhere in the territory of Latvia, as well as repatriation of a person is possible within the scope of the service (if exploitation has taken place abroad). The service includes expert advice and support, an individual approach to the needs of the client: providing residences, purchasing primary things, filing documents, providing medications and physician specialists, and other necessary needs to facilitate customer integration into society. The social rehabilitation service is free of charge for the client, the costs are covered from the State budget resources. It is possible to apply for service at the "MARTA Centre" by calling +371 67 378 539 (Riga), +371 29 195 442 (Liepaja) or +371 25 648 595 (Rezekne) or by sending an e-mail to,,

3. Support groups (in Riga, Liepaja, Rezekne)

Support groups are held remotely (video call online) or in person. Login invitations, procedures and specific information regarding the time of group classes are published on the Facebook pages of Riga, Liepaja and Rezekne branches:  “MARTA Centre” in Riga, “MARTA Centre” in Liepaja and “MARTA Centre” in Rezekne. In case of questions or specifying the next nearest support group, please write to (Riga), (Liepaja) or (Rezekne).

4. Rehabilitation of children who have suffered abuse (only in Liepaja)

Professional help for children who have suffered unlawful acts is available - Social worker, lawyer and psychologist counseling for children and their legal representatives. You can apply for services at the "MARTA Centre" by calling +371 29 195 442 (Liepaja) or by emailing

5. Individual rehabilitation (only in Riga)

The service is available to customers of the Riga Social Service (RSD) who face high-risk violence. Includes support from different specialists according to the needs of the client. The need for the service is being assessed by RSD social workers and is in contact with the "MARTA Centre" about possible co-operation.

IMPORTANT! In cases where a person is unable to receive State-paid assistance (for example, if the person wishes to receive the service anonymously or the amount of State-paid assistance has been used, etc.), the our specialist consultations may be obtained for a fee or co-payment. Consultancy costs may also be covered by donations from donors, so the amount of the copayment is a given.