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What is MARTA?

MARTA Centre was established in May 2000.

MARTA Centre is a nonprofit organization.

MARTA Centre is the only women’s rights advocacy institution in Latvia.

MARTA Centre provides professional social, legal, psychological services to adult victims of violence and human trafficking, ensures assistance to women and their children in vulnerable life situations.

MARTA Centre develops and implements powerful programmes for youth to curb violence among young people and ensure training for educators.

MARTA Centre’s experts have initiated Forum CELIES to engage men in conversation and actions aimed at decreasing violence and gender stereotypes.

MARTA Centre focuses its activities on competence, consistency, coordination, emotionally valuable experience, and responsible decisions.

MARTA's aim is to develop a civil society, based on gender equality, serving women and protecting rights.

MARTA Centre’s specialists are accustomed to looking for the most complex solutions to improve the lives of women and their children, seeking inspiration from global outstanding examples of women’s rights advocacy.

MARTA Centre believes that change is possible by bringing ideas into the process, influencing political decisions and achieving changes in public awareness.

Anyone can become a member of MARTA Centre by filling out a questionnaire and sending it to the Association’s e-mail centrs@marta.lv . The Association’s Board examines the application within a month and within a week after the decision has been made informs the applicant about it.


Who works at MARTA?

Iluta Lace, Head of the Association
Dita Lace, Chief Financial Officer
Sabine Koseleva, Public Relations Specialist
Lolita Borovska, Administrator
Madara Mazjane, Director of Youth Programs
Ako Karlis Cekulis, Youth Program Coordinator
Madara Kanasta-Ievina, Forum “Celies!” Coordinator (away till 2023)
Liga Kalnina, Chief Accountant
Beata Jonite, Policy Coordinator
Linda Saviele, Specialist Team Leader
Madara Lapsa, Head of Liepaja Branch
Ieva Dzerkale, Project Assistant
Alise Potasa, Head of Rezekne Branch
Sandra Pleiksne, Administrator

Oksana Groma
Ilze Klimaševska
Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere
Elizabete Vizgunova
Gundega Graudiņa
Jūlija Volonta
Elza Meikšāne
Elīza Brūklena
Ida Kyrk
Maïa Fleury
Agnese Bētiņa
Liene Ciguze
Anna Mutore
Dainis Zāģeris
Halie Jackson
Liene Kresa
Alla Žuko
Eva Vīksna
Madara Meļņika
Jeļena Gladkova
Eva Pildegoviča

Women and men, girls and boys in an equal world, safe and free. Their rights are protected. The mission of MARTA is to promote the protection of the rights of women, young people and children, to improve the socio-economic situation and to create a safe environment. We promote mutual support, understanding and solidarity among women, regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic status.
Inge Engeland Johansen

Inge Engeland Johansen Chairman of the board

58 years. From Arendal, Norway. Involved in social work projects in Latvia since 1994. County secretary in the Norwegian federation for social workers and social educator.

Annika Jannson

Annika Jannson Member of the board

I work as the executive manager at Finlands svenska Marthaförbund rf. It is a 120 year old organization that shares information about household, ecology and economics.

Our main goal is to share knowledge that enables everyone to live a good and balanced life.

Dita Lāce

Dita Lāce Member of the board

A professional environmental specialist who believes in a gender-equitable society of the future and a call for the promotion of gender equality.

Iluta Lāce

Iluta Lāce Member of the board

Founder of MARTA Centre. Feminist - activist involved in promoting womens rights.

She has provided expertise on womens rights culture in countries like Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Central Asia region, Seychelles and others facilitating development of social services for women in vulnerable situations.