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In Marta Centre You can get professional assistance and support in crisis situations. A social worker, psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and other specialists provide a broad range of services. Sign up for a consultation by calling: 67378539 or writing to!

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MARTA asks the Parliament to support an amendment in the Latvian Criminal Law

MARTA has sent letters to Latvian Parliament members to ask them to support an amendment in the Latvian Criminal Law.

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MARTA stands in solidarity with the Irish colleagues

Centre MARTA has received an invitation to support our Irish colleagues in their request for their Parliament to pass the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill today, on the 14th of February. It recognises prostitution and wider sexual abuse as both a cause and consequence of inequality between women and men, and shifts the power balance in favour of the vulnerable while holding perpetrators to account. The Sexual Offences Bill sends a clear message that Ireland is standing up for the most vulnerable women, children and men in the society. Therefore, Centre MARTA stands in solidarity with our Irish colleagues and supports them by signing their plea.

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