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In Marta Centre You can get professional assistance and support in crisis situations. A social worker, psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and other specialists provide a broad range of services. Sign up for a consultation by calling: 67378539 or writing to!

Atbalsti MARTU


MARTA launches campaign „You Are Vulnerable” (Arī Tevi var ievainot). Watch the video!


MARTA continues its work on fighting human trafficking and calls on society to be more vigilant and active, and to support victims instead of blaming them.

People in Latvia and all over the world are being sold every day. We like to think it will never happen to us yet we all have vulnerabilities and might become enslaved and exploited.

MARTA aims at raising awareness of the trafficking methods and to address the vulnerability issue.

The campaign is a part of the EC funded project Safety Compass: Signposting Ways to Escape Trafficking.

What You Can Do:

o  Learn about MARTA – visit our website at, check us out on Facebook, Twitter and

o    Raise public awareness – share the materials on social media and your blog.

o    Report – human trafficking cases in Latvia and abroad.

o    Volunteer - contact MARTA or a local organization in your town.

o    Donate - support women and children in need.

o    Set an example – support instead of blaming.



 Aktivitātes tiek īstenotas ar Eiropas Komisijas programmas “Noziedzības prevencija un apkarošana” finansiālu atbalstu.