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MARTA Center at conversation festival LAMPA 2019

This year MARTA Center is organizing two events at festival LAMPA: one on the 28th of June at 18.00 in Family tent and the other on the 29th of June at 13.00 in Swedish tent.

An interactive workshop will take place on the 28th, during which the participants will be given the opportunity to experience different situations in which victims of domestic violence often find themselves, helping to understand that even though there is a way out of destructive relationships, it is often not easy. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness and empathy for those who have suffered from domestic violence by explaining in an interactive way reasons and circumstances that hold the victim in such relationships, and on June 29 we invite you to a discussion “Will romance die if we start talking”- More and more we speak about the essential nature of consent not only in regard to sexual relationship but considering any mutual relationship. Yet often enough these conversations stop when people start asking: “How can you know what enthusiastic ongoing consent is?” or “Will romance die when we will stop taking No! as an Convince me!”

Many people consider Sweden to be almost a paradise for human rights, where the need for enthusiastic ongoing consent is required by law- but how is consent regulated and understood in other countries? We want to know what the best practices and current discussions in different countries regarding consent are and which are the issues that have sparked the dialogue on consent in society.

MARTA Centre is convinced that this is the right time to broaden our knowledge not only about what consent is but also about the different situation where we get involved without consent and what to do with it. That is why this year we invite you to a panel discussion on the topic of consent through different cultural contexts. 

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