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MARTA Brings United Nations Campaign to Latgale


Exhibition WOMAN .fACT


On 23rd November 2015, a 16-day marathon of events started by launching an exhibition WOMAN .fAct in the Embassy of Latgale „GORS”. Well-known Latvian photographers Aiga Rçdmane, Jânis Deinats, Kristaps Kalns and Mârtiňđ Cîrulis discovered and confirmed the fact that they have almost unlimited possibilities for manipulation with their works. They created woman’s image in the public space and affirmed findings of MARTA’s research RECRUITMENT FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND WOMAN’S IMAGE IN INTERNET that the public space objectifies woman.

An important part of the exhibition’s opening was a witty stand-up comedy performed by Anete Konste and Elîna Kolâte. Their show focused on a sharp critique by exemplifying the conditions created by the public space. Such conditions include diminishing woman’s social value and offering her as an object for entertainment.


The opening event was attended by the students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, local people and people from culture industry.


Practical workshop for women “My Body - My Safety. How to Protect oneself in a Close Relationship”


On 23rd November in Rçzekne and on 24th November in Jekabpils practical workshops for women “My Body - My Safety” were organized. Both workshops were attended by 35 social workers from the State Inspectorate for Protection of Children’s Rights, youth organisations and schools.


Workshops were facilitated by Centre MARTA lawyer and social worker. Among the main objectives was to introduce the theoretical aspects of violence as well as the mechanisms for legal protection. A particular attention was paid to finding solutions for real situations and an effective assistance for the victims of violence was planned.


The result of workshops suggest that regional specialists are aware of the available resources for victim protection. Surprising, however, was the fact that specialists focus more on victims’ rehabilitation than on protection. Moreover, they do not consider police as an essential partner in preventing violence at first place. Yet unanswered question is whether there is an effective inter-institutional cooperation or whether there is still a prevailing opinion that police’s involvement would not deliver expected results?


Training for Professionals, who Work with Youth on a Daily Basis.


Workshops related to creating safe and integrating environment in schools took place on 23rd November in Rezekne and on 24th November in Jekabpils. Events were attended by 28 school and youth centre workers.


Variety of workshops’ tasks and discussions revealed that teachers lack knowledge about available support possibilities in occasions when children rights and human rights are violated. Moreover, it was acknowledged that the following issues require particular knowledge in order to be solved:

•   How to foster youth’s ability to cooperate and establish relationships

•   How to enhance tolerance among youth

•   How to eliminate different forms of violence among youth

•   How to work with children from risk families

•   How to act in situation of teacher’s aggression and terror towards students


Participants admitted that the discussed topics made them reflect on the recent happenings in the world and on their role in them. Moreover, attendees affirmed that they intend to use gained knowledge in order to inform and educate colleagues and students.


It is essential to stress that part of the participants were committed to express their opinion in open discussions. Some concluded that they will be more open to accept different opinions and to oppose stereotypical or discriminating statements. However, part of the attendees maintained that they will stick to their own values and positions.


Solutions to Cases and Consultations “Travelling MARTA”


Two legal consultations were given in Rezekne. One of the clients was consulted regarding children maintenance and her notification to the Court to increase such maintenance. The other client received a consultation regarding immovable property and issues related to the recovery of debt. At the current stage of the case it was impossible to prepare any documents. However, the client was informed that she can turn to MARTA, if the debt collector starts any actions. None of the participants asked for a legal assistance regarding violence in family.


Straight after the workshop, a client form Rezekne asked MARTAs help due to domestic violence. Currently she recieves legal assistance in order to solve issues related to children’s rights.