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Laughs and positive emotions are the best healing

World Childhood Foundation have a long time collaboration with Resource Center for Women MARTA, funding the program for social rehabilitation of children victims of sexual abuse and their non-abusive parent. This year World Childhood Foundation introduced Silver Lining grant to provide activity that would give children an opportunity to forget the hardships by playing and having fun.

Thanks to World Childhood Foundation 26 our clients - abused children and women spent a wonderful day in Livu Water Theme Park, here is their feedback:
"We liked it very much, went out late in the evening, wanted to enjoy as long as possible"
"That was incredible gift for children before school, what many of us wouldn’t be able to afford"
"It is the first time I saw smiles in all women and children faces"
"I think it will stay in the memory of children for a long time"
"Thanks a lot for everybody, who participated in organization of event, it was amazing!"

It is so important to make someone happy! Laughs and positive emotions are the best healing.

MARTA is grateful for every support, if you would like to help our clients and their children, contact us