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Latvian MPs join the Call by the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution

On November 10, 2015 Resource Centre for Women MARTA invited Latvian Parliamentarians to take a stand on the abolition of prostitution by joining the global campaign of the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP International). Latvian MPs were invited to add their signature to the CAP Call that invites the Parliaments to harmonize national legislations and policies including among other decriminalization of prostituted persons and making sex buyers accountable and prohibiting the purchase of sexual acts.

So far eight Members of Latvian Parliament have signed the Call, which constitutes 8% of the Parliament. Signatories represent the following political parties:

  • For Latvia from the Heart (No Sirds Latvijai),
  • Unity (Vienotība),
  • The Latvian Association of Regions (Latvijas Reģionu Apvienība)
  • National Alliance (Nacionālā Apvienība).

The full text of the CAP Call of Parliamentarians for the Abolition of Prostitution and the list of signatories is available here