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Monday - Friday 10am – 6pm

In Marta Centre You can get professional assistance and support in crisis situations. A social worker, psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and other specialists provide a broad range of services. Sign up for a consultation by calling: 67378539 or writing to!

Atbalsti MARTU

Centre MARTA is grateful for every support and donation of funds, and purposefully employs those to provide assistance to Latvian women in trouble and their children. Each and every support to Centre MARTA is used for a beneficent aim.

Centre MARTA appreciates every donation, ensures its targeted use and hopes for further cooperation and support.

For donations:
Centre MARTA specifications:
Resource Centre for Women Marta
Matīsa Street 49-3, Riga, Latvia

Payments’ specifications:
Nordea Bank AB Latvia Branch
S.W.I.F.T code: NDEALV2X
Account no
LV95NDEA0000080118417 (EUR)
LV25NDEA0000080191748 (EUR)
LV67NDEA0000082029821 (SEK)

Websites for Latvian and foreign donators: